Mike's Personal Guns for Sale - Pellet Rifles

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I am showcasing here on the Replica Airguns website and over on the Replica Airguns YouTube channel a series of videos I am making for the purpose of selling some guns out of my personal collection. I have simply run out of room for the new guns and in some cases I either have duplicate guns or very similar versions so there is no need to have both. Some guns I am less attached to and as I already stated I need to make room for some of the new stuff I will be reviewing and or buying for myself.

In this forth Mike's Personal Guns For Sale video, I am offering three Pellet rifles, two are 88 gram CO2semi auto blowback pellet rifles and one is a pumper, all three are styled after popular tactical rifles like the AR and Beretta CX4.

Make sure to watch my above YouTube video to see these pellet rifles I am selling and instructions on how you can take part in the sale and purchase of them. By the way I am only selling to Canadian residents since shipping cross borders is a little sketchy.

Here is a list of the Pellet Rifles I am selling from my personal gun collection:

Umarex Beretta CX4 Storm CO2 Pellet Rifle - $375

Crosman Night Stalker CO2 Pellet Rifle $125

Crosman M4-177 Pump Action Pellet - BB Rifle $75