Gletcher BRT 84 All Metal CO2 BB Pistol Table Top Review

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Type: 4.5mm Steel BB non-blowback air pistol.

Manufacturer: Gletcher.

Model: BRT 84 All Metal (Beretta Model 84 Cheetah).

Materials: Mostly metal with a few plastic parts.

Weight: 1.54 pounds (700 grams).

Barrel: 6 inches, metal non-rifled.

Propulsion: CO2 x 1.

Action: Semi auto, double action only.

Ammunition Type: 4.5mm steel BB's.

Ammunition Capacity: 19 round metal stick drop out universal magazine.

FPS: 394 fps 120 m/s.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Gletcher BRT 84 is rather long and a bit on the heavy side but it is smooth and predictable. The release point takes a while to get to but once you figure it out you can get really accurate shot placement with this Beretta Model 84 replica. As with many low cost simplicity designed CO2 Air Pistols, the Gletcher BRT 84 uses the barrel like a hammer. When you pull the trigger, the inner barrel moves forward and out of the outer barrel allowing a BB to move into the breach area, then the barrel snaps rearward hitting the CO2 valve releasing CO2 and shooting the BB.

Accuracy: I tested the Gletcher BRT 84 All Metal CO2 BB Pistol from 30 feet back shooting at a paper target using a semi rested position I was able to get a near 1 inch 10 shot grouping on two separate occasions with this rather small and unassuming airgun. In terms of feet per second performance the Gletcher BRT 84 All Metal CO2 BB Pistol is  rated at 394 fps, my Chronograph results shooting 5 rounds through the Chrony using a full CO2 and 5.1 grain Steel BB's was a respectable 421 fps, even a bit higher then the factor claim of 394.

Build Quality: Being a pretty much all metal gun, makes the Gletcher BRT 84 All Metal CO2 BB Pistol feel solid and sturdy even for such a small pistol. The only plastic parts on the Gletcher BRT 84 are the grips, the CO2 tab and perhaps an internal part like seals and such. The painted finish is a nice dark grey and seems to be wearing really well. Since the Gletcher BRT 84 All Metal CO2 BB Pistol is basically a one piece solid metal moulded airgun, there is really nothing to go wrong and no fit problems to speak of. Yes it is basic but it is also really well made.

Realism: The Gletcher BRT 84 All Metal CO2 BB Pistol is a replica of the real steel Beretta Model 84. It is an extremely close copy in terms of looks and feel, but does not have very many moving parts other than the trigger, magazine release and safety. So no slide movement or blowback, no working slide catch release, not even the hammer is functional. That said, not much to go wrong if what you are looking for is a gun that looks like a Beretta model 84.

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  • Very solid all metal construction, good weight and feel.
  • Stick magazine is universal and can be used in many other guns.
  • Very accurate with good fps performance.
  • Grips feel nice, almost have a rubber like texture.
  • Simple design so not very much to go wrong with this airgun.
  • CO2 tab is hidden internally.
  • Reasonable price tag for well built all metal airgun.


  • Very few working parts.
  • Trigger is a bit long and heavy, not ideal for action shooting.
  • Sights are non-adjustable
  • No Beretta Licensing


I am usually not a huge fan of non-blowback basic airguns, especially when they do not have many working parts on them. However the Gletcher BRT 84 All Metal CO2 BB Pistol has some strong points that makes it worth considering, like it's solid all metal build, excellent accuracy and nice high fps performance for such a small sized airgun. It all feels really good in the hand ergonomically and based on the way it's built in such a simple no frills manner, the Gletcher BRT 84 All Metal CO2 BB Pistol should last a long time if taken care of.

Watch my YouTube Review for the Gletcher BRT 84 All Metal CO2 BB Pistol:

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