KJWorks CO2 Airsoft Full Metal M9 - M9A1 Table Top Review


Type: Blowback Airsoft Pistols.
Manufacturer: KJWORKS.
Model: M9 & M9A1
Materials: Metal slide & frame.
Weight: 2.1 pounds (950 grams).
Barrel: Metal non-rifled smooth bore.
Propulsion: 12 gram CO2.
Action: Blowback, Single and double action.
Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 24 rounds.
FPS: 360+ fps.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the KJWorks Beretta M9 & M9A1 is very good in both single and double action. Double action is a bit longer and heavier than when shooting in single action but not heavy by any means. Single action shooting is short, light and crisp as you would expect when shooting a real steel Beretta 92 style pistol.

Accuracy: I have not done my actual Field Test Shooting video review for the KJWorks M9 and M9A1 Airsoft pistols but I did get the chance to make a short preview video where I shot both guns at some clay pigeons setup around 20 feet away. I was able to pop the center out of the clay pigeons no problem and found that even without any practice I was consistently hitting dead center on most shots. I am not sure exactly what the FPS will be but considering both theses versions of the KJWorks M9 & M9A1 have the CO2 mags they should shoot up into the 360+ fps range using .20 gram Airsoft BB's. Blowback operation is strong and the slides cycle full length. Keep posted for my upcoming Field Test Shooting Video for both pistols.

Build Quality: As expected, the KJWorks M9 & M9A1 build quality is just like all the other KJWorks Airsoft guns I've tested so far, excellent the fit and finish is the best in my opinion even when compared to my my 4.5mm steel BB shooters. When using these guns regularly, areas that are painted like the metal friction areas show very light wear which is rarely the case with metal built blowback Airguns. Again the tolerances between the moving parts like the slide and frame are very tight showing excellent workmanship and machining from KJWorks.

Realism: Both the KJWorks M9 & M9A1 are copies of the real steel popular Beretta M9 & M9A1, it is really hard to tell them apart from the real versions. Both the M9 and M9A1 are very similar in design with the M9A1 having some slight cosmetic differences, the biggest being the addition of a tactical rail built into the frame. Both KJWorks Beretta's can be field stripped in the same manor as a real Beretta M9 Semi Auto pistol and all parts function the same.

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  • Pretty much all metal pistols with good weight to them.
  • Full heavy blowback operation.
  • Excellent fit and finish as always with KJWorks pistols.
  • High capacity full size drop out magazine that holds the Airsoft BB’s and CO2. (Can get Green Gas mags)
  • Seem to be very accuracy and well centered on target.
  • White dot sights make it easy to shoot an most backgrounds.
  • Ambidextrous safeties.
  • Field strip-able like the real steel versions.


  • Sight are non-adjustable but elevation can be adjusted using the hop-up.
  • Grips may be a bit wide for some small handed people.
  • CO2 magazines sticks out a bit when using the CO2 mags.

The KJWorks Full Metal M9 & M9A1 are yet more examples of excellent full blowback Airsoft pistols from KJWorks. They are built to very high standards, are near perfect replicas of the real steel Beretta M9 & M9A1 and performance is also excellent. Yes the price is slightly higher than a similar Airsoft gun from KWC but the quality on the KJWorks is definitely worth the extra cost. Make sure to drop by our Replica Airguns Canada Store and checkout our new lower pricing on the KJWorks line of Airsoft guns.

My YouTube Table Top  Review of the KJWorks M9and M9A1 Full Metal Blowback Airsoft Pistol:

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Buy the KJWorks M9 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol in Canada

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