BOLT M16A4 AEG Blowback Airsoft Rifle with BRSS Recoil Preview

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A while back, BOLT was kind enough to send me one of their B.R.S.S. Recoil AEG Airsoft Rifles for review, make sure to watch my full review of the BOLT B4A1 BRSS Recoil Blowback AEG Airsoft Rifle.

Well again BOLT came through and sent me their latest offering, the BOLT AEG M16A4 Blowback Airsoft Rifle with B.R.S.S. Heavy Recoil system. B.R.S.S. stands for BOLT Recoil Shock System. The new BOLT Heavy Recoil system has a fixed stock which houses the improved recoil unit giving a more direct and solid recoil effect to the users shoulder. The BOLT M16A4 is a long length AEG Blowback Airsoft Rifle also suitable for snipers.

Here are some of the specifications:

  • Blowback B.R.R.S Heavy
  • Adjustable Hop-up
  • Semi & Full Auto
  • Standard AR 70 & 300 round magazines
  • 312 fps & 393 fps versions
  • Aluminum, ABS, Nylon & Glass Fiber and Steel construction.
  • 7.4V & 11.1V (Li-Po) or 9.6V (Ni-mh / Ni-Cd)
  • 7.7 pounds (3500 grams)
  • 43 inches long (1100mm)
  • Comes in Black / Tan

In this YouTube Preview video for the BOLT M16A4 AEG Blowback Airsoft Rifle I show you around the gun a bit and do a quick shooting test. Unfortunately I was using 6mm Airsoft BB's which I later found out where a bit to large in diameter since the BOLT M16A4 AEG Blowback Airsoft Rifle has a true 6mm barrel. After the video when I received this information from BOLT I switched to 5.95mm Airsoft BB's and the BOLT M16A4 AEG Blowback Airsoft Rifle worked perfectly for me :)

Stay tuned for my Full Table Top and Field Test Shooting videos for the BOLT M16A4 AEG Blowback Airsoft Rifle:

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