EKOL ES 66 CO2 BB Pistol Field Test Shooting Review

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Here is my official Field Test Shooting review for both the EKOL ES 66 and ES 66C CO2 4.5mm BB Pistols. Make sure to watch my Table Top Review for more information on the Features and Specifications for both of these all metal Turkish made air pistols.

As with my standard Field Test Shooting Reviews, I shoot 5 rounds through my Chronograph to get a real world Velocity reading in feet per second. I also shoot 10 rounds into a paper target using a semi-rested position from 30 feet away. Since I had two versions of the EKOL ES 66, the long and short barreled versions I decided I would test pistols both on the Chrony and just the long barrel version for the accuracy testing.

So how did the EKOL ES 66 and ES 66C CO2 BB Pistols both do? In terms of fps, they both got into the 400+ range with the shorter barreled ES 66C version averaging 402 fps from 5 shots and the the longer barreled ES 66 getting a 444 fps 5 shot average. I was expecting the longer barrel ES 66 to outperform the shorter barrel ES 66 so this was no surprise. The temperature was not all that warm on this day but I did keep both guns fairly warm inside right up till I went outside and shot them. On a warmer day I would expect even better results.

Now for the accuracy results and don't hold your breath on this one... I have to say that the EKOL ES 66 was one of the worst BB guns I have shot to date in terms of accuracy at 30 feet. I could actually see the BB's curving after about 20 feet out, almost like they had some random spin on them? Perhaps the rifled barrel was catching a bit of grip on the smooth steel BB's and making them spin? Because this was so random it was hard to predict where the BB's where going. I also found that the EKOL ES 66 was sighted in way to high so at 30 feet I needed to aim very close to the bottom of the target and even still, about half of the BB's went well over and did not find the paper target. Perhaps actual lead BB's may be better in this pistol?

One thought I had was to somehow smooth out the rifling on the barrel as perhaps it needs to be worked in before more consistent shots can be obtained?

It was really too bad that I did not get the accuracy results I was looking for with the EKOL ES 66 Series of CO2 BB Pistols, I really like the overall quality and design of these Turkish made CO2 BB Pistols. Again perhaps some barrel work could improve the accuracy and make this a more well rounded BB gun.

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