G&G GR14 AEG Airsoft Rifle Type 57 R.O.C. Walnut Wood Stock Review

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Type: AEG Airsoft Rifle.

Manufacturer: G&G.

Model: GR14 AEG Type 57 R.O.C. Walnut Wood Stock

Materials: Metal, wood & plastic.

Weight: 9 pounds (4.1kg).

Length: 44 Inches (1120 mm)

Barrel: 20 inches (510 mm), smooth bore.

Propulsion: Spring AEG.

Action: Bolt action Semi & Full Auto.

Ammunition Type: Airsoft 6mm Plastic BB's.

Ammunition Capacity: 470 rounds.

FPS: 381-385

Trigger Pull: The trigger on the G&G GR14 Type 57 R.O.C. is like most AEG Airsoft Rifles, being that it is essentially an electric on off switch and not a mechanical one. So it is light with not much take up. You will notice a bit of delay from the time your press the trigger till a BB is released since the electric motor must first pull back the spring and release it.

Accuracy: So far I have not tested out the G&G GR14 AEG Type 57 R.O.C. Walnut Wood Stock Airsoft Rifle. When I get the chance, I will have to set my paper target up further out than my usual 30 feet! I am also expecting the fps to be a bit higher than the stated factory default since this G&G GR14 AEG Airsoft Rifle is marked as being the "High Muzzle Velocity Version"! Stay tuned for my future Field Test Shooting video for the G&G GR14 AEG Type 57 R.O.C. Walnut Wood Stock Airsoft Rifle.

Build Quality: The G&G GR14 AEG Type 57 R.O.C. Walnut Wood Stock Airsoft Rifle looks to extremely well made with most of the build materials being metal and wood. The only none metal or wood noticeable parts would be the upper hand guard which is made out of some sort of nylon or plastic. I believe the original M14 Rifle upper hand guard was made out of fiberglass. Then Walnut Wood Stock is nicely finished and the metal parts function and look really great.

Realism: In terms of realism the G&G GR14 AEG Type 57 R.O.C. Walnut Wood Stock Airsoft Rifle is extremely authentic in terms of looks, weight and even overall length and barrel length! Most of the parts operate exactly as they would on the real M14 rifle including the selector switch, safety, magazine release, shoulder rest adjustable sights and bolt.

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  • Lots of metal and wood parts where they would be on the real M14.

  • True realistic 9 pound weight.

  • High capacity magazine at 470 rounds.

  • Sights are adjustable for elevation and windage.

  • Semi and Full Auto selectable.

  • Real Walnut Wood Stock.

  • Flip up metal shoulder rest.

  • Engraved with "The Republic of China" Chinese Text Markings.

  • 25000 rpm Hi-torque Long axis Motor with 7/8 mm Bearings.

  • 8.4v Large Tamiya Battery System.


  • Does not come with battery or charger.

  • Not setup as is for a scope.


History of the M14 this rifle is based on - "The M14 rifle, formally the United States Rifle. M14 is an American selective fire automatic rifle firing 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) ammunition. It was the standard issue U.S. rifle from 1959 to 1970. The M14 was used for U.S. Army and Marine Corps basic and advanced individual training and was the standard issue infantry rifle in CONUS, Europe, and South Korea, until replaced by the M16 rifle in 1970."

So the M14 has a place in our history books and also a place in many of our war veterans hearts. This G&G GR14 AEG Type 57 R.O.C. Walnut Wood Stock Airsoft Rifle replica is an excellent example of such a great piece of history, to have one in a working Airsoft version may be the next best option to having the real deal.

My YouTube Review Video of the G&G GR14 AEG Type 57 R.O.C. Walnut Wood Stock Airsoft Rifle:

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