Baikal MP-53M Break Barrel .177 Pellet Air Pistol Field Test Review

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Make sure to checkout my Table Top Video and Written Review for the Baikal MP-53M Break Barrel .177 Pellet Air Pistol where I show you around this Russian made target pistol and go over its features and specifications.

This Video Review focuses on the shooting aspects of the Baikal MP-53M. I test it out to see what kind of velocity it can achieve and I also perform an accuracy test to see how straight and true it shoots.

My first test, the velocity test I performed using my Chronograph shooting 5 7 grain RWS lead pellets. the fps ranged from 303 to 341 fps with an average 5 shot reading of 319 feet per second. Keep in mind the Baikal MP-53M is strictly a target shooter and is not meant for pest control so these readings are perfectly adequate for this this pistols purposes. The lower velocity also makes for a nice easy cocking effort.

Moving on to the accuracy portion of this field test shooting review, I performed my usual 30 foot paper target test using a semi rested stance standing in the back with a sandbag up front to rest my hands on. This position is fairly stable but not perfect so there is always so human factor to consider and with a springer which I am not super proficient at so there where a couple of shot that I pulled. For the most part the majority of my shots with stayed within about a 1 inch grouping but I know with practice the Baikal MP-53M would shoot under a half inch for sure.

A couple of side notes about the Baikal MP-53M Break Barrel .177 Pellet Air Pistol... It has a super nice trigger which is very light and crisp which will aid in accuracy for sure. I did find that the rear sight moved around a little bit, it seemed to rise a bit and I had to press down on it just a little to keep my shots consistent. The spring is not terribly strong so recoil is minimal for a springer and it is very easy to cock.

All in all the Baikal MP-53M Break Barrel .177 Pellet Air Pistol is a well made and truly accurate target pellet pistol.

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