Rambo Costume 2015 - Replica Airguns

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Again I wanted to mention we are having a Halloween sale in our Canada Replica Airguns Store from Thursday October 29th till Sunday November 1st 2015 so don't miss out on this one!

On Saturday I went to a Halloween House party, my Brother in-law and his wife put on a Halloween party pretty much every year, usually a week before which works out great for me since I have kids and Halloween night is usually reserved for them.

Getting dressed up a week before is great since it gives me the opportunity to record a video of me in my final completed Halloween outfit so I can share it with all of you. Even though I don't get to complete in the Replica Airguns Annual Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway, at least I get to have some fun and dress up :)

So enjoy my Rambo Costume this year and if you want to know what was needed to pull off this Halloween Costume then watch this video.

If you're interested in getting involved in this years Replica Airguns 2015 Halloween Costume Giveaway then watch this video.

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