New products In the Canada Replica Airguns Store from Baikal & EKOL


I am super happy to announce the return of some Airguns I reviewed a while back but up until now have been missing from our Canada Replica Airguns Store. The Russian Baikal MP-654K BB Makarov, the Baikal BB-Pellet MP-655K, the Turkish EKOL ES 55 and EKOL ES 66.

Check these guns out and get your hands on them before they disappear again?

Baikal Makarov MP-654K CO2 BB Black

Baikal MP-655K CO2 BB/Pellet Black

EKOL ES 55 CO2 BB Black

EKOL ES 66 CO2 BB Shiny Chrome

EKOL ES 66C CO2 BB Chrome

4.5mm / .177 cal, BB, CO2, Pellet, Pistol, Semi Auto Baikal, EKOL, ES 55, ES 66, MP-654K, Makarov, mp-655k