Clay Pigeons as Reactive Targets for Airguns and Airsoft Guns


If you have been watching my Full Auto Fun Videos, then you will have noticed that I have recently been using Clay Pigeons as my go-to targets. Generally Clay Pigeons are shot from launchers and used with shotguns since the flight of the Clay Pigeon simulates a bird in flight nicely.

So I thought, why not use them as reactive targets for my Airguns and Airsoft guns? It turns out they work pretty darn good, well at least with 4.5mm Steel BB pistols and I would imagine even better with pellet guns. What about Airsoft guns, will the Airsoft lighter weight plastic BB's have enough mass to get the job done?

You'll have to watch this video to find out the answer to that question when I unload a full magazine of .20 gram Airsoft BB's into some Clay Pigeons using my KWC .50 Desert Eagle...

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