Drozd Blackbird Full Auto 4.5mm Steel BB Gun Shooting at Longer Ranges

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While the weather is still nice, I decided to setup some clay pigeon targets at varying further out ranges than the typically 30 feet I shoot on my deck. So I figured 40-60-80-100 foot ranges would be a good test to see if a 4.5mm Steel BB rifle could effectively hit targets at any of these ranges.

I did do a similar test earlier on using my Umarex Steel Force but I think the Steel Force may have been a bit underpowered for the 80-100 foot shots.

So today I brought out my Drozd Blackbird since it has a bit of power and what it may lack in accuracy it for sure makes up in volume! As with many of my shooting videos I captured all the fun using a bunch of different cameras and camera angles and today I even wore a dedicated lapel mic which I have a min-review for coming up shortly!

So make sure to watch my YouTube video and see how the Baikal Drozd Blackbird does shooting clay pigeons up to 100 feet away...

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