Umarex Walther SG 9000 Shotgun 4.5mm Steel BB Full Auto Fun


Alright, so todays Full Auto Fun Video may be stretching things just a bit but I figured that since my Umarex Walther SG 9000 does have the ability to shoot 3 rounds with each pull of the trigger that we'll give it the benefit of the doubt and include it in this round of Full Auto Fun Videos.

The Walther SG 9000 is a kind of different looking airgun, the back half looks like a Walther Pistol while the front half is more of a tactical styled shotgun. And like a shotgun you can shoot multiple BB's with one shot. You actually have teh option of shooting single shot or three shot burst. In single shot mode, the Walther SG 9000 is pretty peppy shooting at around 500 fps on a fresh and warm 88 gram CO2. When you switch the SG 9000 over to three shot burst mode, it does slowdown somewhat closer to the 250 fps range so not really that great for any serious penetration.

But I figured since I was shooting clay pigeons which are made for shotgun use, why not use a BB styled multi-round shotgun on some of them! All in all the Umarex Walther SG 9000 got the job done...

I am sad to say that Umarex does not seem to make the Walther SG 9000 anymore so if you're looking for one you may have to settle for a used on if you can find an owner willing to give it up.

Umarex Steel.jpg
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