KJWorks KP-06 1911 HI-CAPA Blowback Airsoft Field Test Shooting Review

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I like shooting 1911 styled pistols, the KJWorks KP-06 1911 HI-CAPA Blowback Airsoft Pistol is no exception, it's a bit beefier in terms of overall size and even handle grip thickness but held well for me.

So let's get right to the test results! I started off by shooting 5 rounds through my Chronograph using a brand new CO2 along with .25 gram plastic Airsoft BB's. My 5 shot average velocity was 329 fps and the temperature on this day was not too warm, perhaps around 15-18 Celsius. So on a warmer day you can expect to get higher fps out of the KJWorks KP-06 Airsoft Pistol.

Moving on to the Target accuracy performance, I shot 10 .25 gram rounds using the KJWorks KP-06 from a 30 foot distance using a semi rested position (Sand bag in the front, standing in the back). I was able to place the bulk of the shots within a 1.5 inch group but one shot came out extending the group to about 2 inches. Overall the placement was fairly well centered on target, just a hair to the right but one could easily adjust the green dot sights for both windage and/or elevation as required.

The single action 1911 type trigger is exactly what you would expect from a 1911, short, light and crisp. The blowback action is very solid and this pistol settles down after each shot very quickly. If you don't mind a 1911 styled Airsoft pistol with a bit bulkier size than the KJWorks KP-06 1911 HI-CAPA may just make a good choice.

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