ASG STI Duty One 1911 Non Blowback CO2 BB Gun Field Test Shooting Review

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Here is my follow up Shooting Field Test to my ASG STI Duty One Non-blowback Table Top Review. During this Field Test Shooting video review I not only shoot my Non-blowback STI Duty One version but I also compare it to the Blowback ASG STI Duty One to see if fps and accuracy are effected when adding Blowback to the equation? I shoot 5 rounds through my Chronograph with both guns to get an average fps and I also step back 30 feet and setup resting my hands on a sand bag and standing in the back for a fairly secure shooting stance. I did my standard 10 shot grouping for my accuracy test from 30 feet away.

Overall both guns performed similarly and as expected the Blowback did effect the fps but not as much as I expected it to? I was expecting the Non-blowback STI Duty One to be at least 50 fps faster but it was only around 20 or so. I am fairly certain since the fps os so close between the two guns, that you will get more shots form a CO2 out of the Non-blowback ASG STI Duty One since there is no CO2 being used to make the slide recoil back and forth. In the end the Non-blowback STI shot an average fps of 373 while the Blowback version shot an average fps of 356.

When it came to accuracy, both guns performed about the same getting about a 2 inch group from 30 feet back. The Blowback STI did spread the BB's out more from side to side perhaps because of the slide recoil while the Non-blowback ASG STI Duty One seemed to shoot Horizontally tighter.

Personally since both guns shoot almost as high of fps and both STI Duty One's seem to be about the same accuracy wise. Why not just go with the blowback version since you will be shooting in single action most of the time which allows for a faster and lighter trigger pull. The only real downside to the Blowback STI Duty One is perhaps a bit more CO2 usage but you can still expect to get around 100 shots per CO2 which is very good for a CO2 blowback pistol.

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