Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway 2014

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Better late than never this time, here is my official announcement for the 2014 Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway!

In a nutshell the basic Costume Contest Giveaway rules are as follows:

  • Upload your Halloween Costume video response before midnight November 10th.
  • Costumes should be based around a weapon of some sort.
  • Comment to this YouTube video with a link to your YouTube Halloween Costume entry video.
  • The winner (Canada & US only) will get a KWC/Cybergun Blowback Pistol of their choice (standard versions).

Of course anyone from outside of Canada and the US can send me a video link to their Halloween Costume videos and I will be sure to include your videos in my Featured Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway 2014 YouTube Playlist even though you are not eligible to win a prize.

Good look to all and looking forward to seeing all of your Halloween Costumes...

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