What I Do to Stay in Shape

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This video is for the people that have been asking me if I workout and what I do to get in shape and stay in shape. This summer when I broke out my signature tank top, I seemed to get a lot more questions and comments about what I'm doing to get and stay lean and in shape. Some comments I had to Google because I had no idea what the terminology meant, in my day we used to call defined muscle as being "toned", apparently it has a bunch of names now like Jacked, Tanked and a few others ;)

Anyways, if you have no interest in fitness and/or health then just ignore this video, I have tons of other Airgun, Airsoft Gun, Blank Gun and other gun related videos you can check out.

For those interested in getting fit and healthy "at any age" then watch this YouTube Video and checkout my Dedicated Fitness YouTube Channel and Website - www.GetFitOver40.com.

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