Umarex Steel Force - Luger P08 - T.A.C. Converter Update Preview Video


I have some more anticipated items from Umarex to show you all, and a special thanks to Bradley from Umarex for sending them my way to review.

If you like the Steel Storm then you should for sure like the Umarex Steel Force, both models share some basic mechanical attributes like semi auto and 6 round burst blowback operation, duel 12 gram CO2 cartridges, 300 round BB hoppers and 30 round spring fed magazines. The Steel Force however is more of a "replica" as it is modeled on the AR platform including an adjustable rear stock which will come in handy taming the high rate of fire 6 round burst mode.

Next up from Umarex is a classic replica of the Luger P08, it's always nice to see some older classics made into BB shooters, it may be the only way some of us will get to experience them and from what I can tell, the Umarex Legends P08 is near spot on! You won't find blowback or even a lot of actual moving parts other than the trigger, the safety and magazine release but this BB gun is all metal and well built, it has a nice weight to it with a firm double action trigger.

My last review item is not a gun but rather a gun accessory, the Umarex T.A.C. Converter which transforms several Umarex pistols into tactical PDW's. The actual models supported are the: HK USP, S&W MP40, X.B.G, CZ Enforcer, Walther P99 DOA and the now retired Umarex SA 177. With the T.A.C. Converter wrapped around your pistol of choice you are all setup with a folding stock and foregrip, not to mention anything else you may want to add onto the rails.

Keep posted for my full reviews of these items from Umarex.

Watch my YouTube Update Video for these Umarex Products:

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