15% Off on Umarex P.08 and ASG Ruger MK1 in New Canada Website

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This is kind of a double announcement, first of all we have a couple of 15% off promo items for you, the Umarex Legends Luger P.08 BB Pistol and the ASG Ruger MK1 Airsoft Pistol. The second part of this announcement is that you will need to buy them in our new (up and running in test mode) Replica Airguns Canada Store.

So even if you don't want to buy either of these guns you can still go and checkout our new Canada Online Store located at www.ReplicaAirguns.ca

*The coupon code you will need to use at checkout is P0815%oFF (good till September 1st 2013)

Here are the direct links to both guns offered at 15% off in the new Canada Online Store location. 

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