Umarex Legends P08 Luger CO2 BB Pistol Field Test Shooting Review

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This is my Official Field Test Shooting Review for the Umarex Legends P08 Luger CO2 BB Pistol, make sure to also check out my Umarex Legends P08 Luger Table Top Review for more information on features and specifications.

As usual with my Field Test Shooting Reviews I test out the Umarex Legends P08 Luger using my Chronograph and put five rounds through it to get a real world average fps. Umarex claims around 410 but I got a bit higher results of 435 using a brand new Umarex CO2 cartridge. The temperature was warm but not hot so there may be room for even up to 450 fps on this CO2 BB pistol Replica.

I decided to step back to the 30 foot mark for my target potion of this review since in my pre-test I was at 20 feet and I got a 1.5 inch grouping. While shooting from a semi rested position at 30 feet back I was able to place pretty much a 2 inch 10 shot group which is very good considering the rather heavy 10 pound trigger on the Umarex Legends P08 Luger BB Pistol. You will want to use a double handed grip with this gun to get good accuracy so you can relax with your trigger hand and grip tight with your supporting hand.

You can expect to get right around 6 really good and consistent magazines worth of shots before having to change the CO2, that is over 120 shots! And even on the last magazine the fps seemed to stay nice and high.

Some people have criticized the heavy trigger on this pistol but I see it as an opportunity to work on your double action shooting since some real world guns have trigger pulls up into the 10 pound range, so you never know what to expect when shooting a new gun. If you can lay down constant shots with the Umarex Legends P08 Luger CO2 BB Pistol then you should have no problems shooting other heavy triggered guns.

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