WE AK-74UN & G18C Tactical GBB Airsoft Gun Field Test Review

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All references, photos and video claiming that any item in this review/video looks like a Glock or is a Replica of a Glock in any way shape or form have been removed from this post as requested by Glock "Renzulli Law Firm"

I almost forgot to do my field test review for my WE AK-74UN & WE G18C Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol and Rifle! I decided to do them both together on this one but I still did my usual full testing for both guns which consisted of my Chronograph, Target and Can destruction along with some high speed slow motion of the blowback action of both guns in full auto mode.

Photo of WE G18C Removed by Request from Glock "Renzulli Law Firm"

Your best bet is to watch my Youtube video and see how both of these WE Airsoft guns perform. Overall they are both rally nice and super realistic, the WE G18C Tactical is definitely the full auto monster here while the AK-74UN is the bull in the China store with its crazy heavy blowback action, it has so much recoil that when shooting in full auto it kind of runs our of steam near the end, not so with the WE G18C as it did not slow down even with the 50 round magazine loaded up!

The WE AK-74UN even with it's crazy recoil holds on target very well in semi and full auto and of course has the superior fps performance. I found when shooting the G18C in full auto, I needed to hold my aim-point low as the blowback and super fast cycle rate wanted to pull the gun up and over my target, same would be true with a real gun so no surprise here.

Photo of WE G18C Removed by Request from Glock "Renzulli Law Firm" 

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