Cybergun Tanfoglio Gold Custom Blowback BB Pistol Field Test Shooting Review


I kind of "jumped the gun" a bit today (pun intended), I just felt like shooting one of my newer guns I had waiting for me to review. I actually shot and filmed this Cybergun Tanfoglio Gold Custom Blowback BB Pistol and my Cybergun Smith & Wesson M&P 9C GBB Airsoft Pistol both at the same time, what can I say, the weather was nice and I wanted to shoot something :)

As per usual I shot this blowback BB pistol through my Chronograph and actually got a much higher than the 300 claimed 5 shot average fps of 341. I kind of had a feeling right out of the box this gun had more in it! I also shot 10 rounds at the target from 20 feet out using a semi rested position (resting on a sand bag up front and kneeling in the back). Again the Cybergun Tanfoglio Gold Custom Blowback BB Pistol performed very well shooting a tight 1 inch grouping. When I free handed it and rattled off the remaining 7-8 rounds left in the magazine the grouping only widened to about 2 inches, this may be in part to the heavy weight and good balance and stability of the Cybergun Tanfoglio Gold Custom.

Since this 4.5mm Steel BB pistol does not come with any iron sights, you will need to purchase a red dot, I was fortunate enough to find a very nice silver matchup at my local surplus store that worked out well with this airgun. The magazine does claim to hold 18 rounds but 17 is a bit better fit, I was able to get off three magazine s before the CO2 fizzled out. One of the nicest traits this guns has to offer is the very smooth, short and light single action trigger which in part I am sure helped me get that 1 inch 10 round grouping. Another factor that may help the accuracy of the Tanfoglio Gold Custom is the fact that even though the blowback is decent, the 3 pounds of steel holding this airgun in place keep movement to a minimum.

All in all this is a really great IPSC styled BB shooter with a unique and ultra modern look, kind of like a CZ 75 on steroids you could say. It shot very nicely for me and even performed better than claimed and better than expected. Although I did have an idea this CO2 Blowback BB Pistol was going to impress! 

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