WE AK74UN and WE G18C GBB Airsoft Gun Update Video


I have a couple of guns I wanted to share with you all and no we do not sell them at this point in time and I can not say if we will or not down the road.

There is just no way we can carry every brand of gun and every gun from every brand, that said I still sometimes have my eye on a gun and will pick it up even if I have to pay full retail juts so I can add it to my collection and also do a review for all of you.

Photo of WE G18C Removed by Request from Glock "Renzulli Law Firm" 

Today I showcase two Gas Blowback Airsoft guns from WE. I have been wanting to get an AK variant of some sort since there was a big whole in my collection after the RCMP came into my house and took my scary AK BB gun away. And if for some reason you feel this "again" legally imported through the CBSA non convertible airgun is in some way a concern, please feel free to come on over and have a good look, no SWAT team necessary this time. I am just around the corner from the police station and I make a good cup of coffee!

Getting back to this update, the other WE Airsoft gun is the WE G18C which like the WE AK74UN, also has semi and full auto select-ability. Both guns have excellent blowback kick with the AK74UN having a full travel blot which kicks like a mule and has a slower full auto cycle rate much like a real AK47.

Both guns have metal parts where you would find them on the real steel versions while the AK even goes so far to have actual stamped steel all over just like you would find on an AK.

Photo of WE G18C Removed by Request from Glock "Renzulli Law Firm"

I will be doing full reviews for both these WE GBB Airsoft guns so stay posted for those video reviews, in the meantime you can watch my Update Video showcasing both these WE Airsoft guns.

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