Baikal Nickel Makarov MP-654K CO2 BB Pistol Silent Auction 2


I managed to acquire another Russian made Nickel Baikal MP-654K CO2 BB Pistol, the last one that came my way was back in September of 2012 and I am really surprised I got my hands on another one to be honest so if you missed out on the last one, now is your chance!

This 2004 Baikal Makarov Nickel MP-654K BB Pistol is in brand new condition and comes with the original box, manual, tools and o-rings. I have test fired it and it works great and holds CO2 with no leaks.

If you want the background info I encourage you to checkout the review videos I have already made for my own person exact version of this gun right down to the same production year:

To get in on the bidding, simply Email Me Here with your highest bid by no later than May 31st 2013 by midnight. At the conclusion of this Silent Auction I will notify the winner and they will have 24 hours to make payment before I move onto the next highest bidder.

This Rare Airgun Silent Auction is open to both my Canada and US customers, Canadian Customers will pay an additional $17.99 for Shipping/Handling plus their local provincial sales Tax. US Customers will pay $29.99 International Canada to US Shipping & Handling but will not pay any sales tax. Good luck to everyone!

Enjoy my YouTube Video showing off this gorgeous Airgun and below that are some additional photos:

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