B&W Dragunova SVD Airsoft Sniper Rifle Field Test Shooting Review


I had a chance today to get out and shoot my B&W Dragunova SVD Airsoft Sniper Rifle, the weather held out just long enough for me to setup my target a good 90-100 feet out in the field but as luck would have it, it started to rain on my camera gear right as I started doing my target shooting test using .36 gram Airsoft BB's. So in a bit of a rush, I shot off a good 10 rounds and was able to put most of them on the paper which from 100 feet out using an Airsoft rifle on a target the size of a standard 8x11 sheet of paper is not too bad at all, and don't forget I was just using the iron sights.

I found I didn't even need to use the hight adjustment on my rear sight as the hop-up seemed to keep the Airsoft BB's floating nicely on plane all the way to at least 100 feet. By the way if you watched my earlier Table Top Reviews I mentioned the B&W Dragunova SVD was shooting a bit to the left even after full windage adjustment to the right, well I managed to sort this out and pull the sight the little bit extra I needed to get it pretty much dead center.

Moving on to the Chronograph portion of this Field Test Shooting Review, I got the same results as my pretest with an average fps of 498 using .20 gram Airsoft BB's and an average fps of 277 using the heavier .36 gram BB's. I have heard that the B&W Dragunova SVD Airsoft Sniper Rifle can be a bit of a chore to cock but for me it was actually pretty easy and using a left overhand approach worked well, allowing me to cock the charging handle pretty easy while keeping my finger on the trigger and the rifle in position ready for my next shot.

The iron sights and the trigger setup seem to both work very well with this rifle, I really have no real complaints and really enjoyed shooting the B&W Dragunova SVD Airsoft Sniper Rifle. If the rain hadn't been coming down on my camera gear I may have put a bunch more shots into the target for the simple reason I was having so much fun :)

Watch my Field Test Shooting YouTube Video for the B&W Dragunova SVD Airsoft Sniper Rifle:

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