Cybergun KWC Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Stuck BB Removal Tutorial


Every once in a while something goes wrong and your favorite BB shooter stops working as it should :( One of the most common problems I see with many of the full blowback BB and Airsoft pistols are BB's getting stuck in the gas tube. This is because this style of gun loads a BB into the breach area of the barrel every time you rack the slide forward. Of course this is only when there are BB's in the magazine.

The semi auto style of these guns is similar to that of a real gun, the blowback operates the slide which in turn moves back and then forward and loads a BB into the chamber. With a real gun, if you where to rack the slide manually again without shooting it, the chambered round would be ejected by the extractor but with a BB gun there is no extractor because there is no spent shell to eject. So multiple BB's can be loaded into the chamber area of the barrel overloading it and if the BB's have nowhere to go they just jam up and often go back into the gas tube which can cause all kinds of problems...

In this Cybergun KWC Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Stuck BB Removal Tutorial Video, I show you how to remove a BB or even multiple BB's from the gas tube area which in short requires; the removal of the slide and guid rod and spring so that you can push the gas tube forward and shake the BB out of the front of the gas tube.

Watch my YouTube Video on how to remove a stuck BB from the Gas Tube on my Tanfoglio Witness 1911.

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