Wyoming Arms Parker 10mm S.S. Pistol Real Steel Overview


I do get requests from many of my viewers to do some real steel reviews and so far I have pretty much stuck with 22LR real steel reviews and my Tokarev real steel review. I recently purchased an interesting 10mm semi auto handgun used at a local used gun show and so I though I would share this rather interesting and no longer in production pistol with you. The handgun we are looking at today is the Wyoming Arms Parker 10mm S.S. At first place it looks a lot like a 1911 but it is different in several ways. the obvious traits are the safety on the slide and lack of a grip safety, it also has a very different looking handle and there are some internal differences also.

What drew me to the Wyoming Arms Parker 10mm S.S. was it's 1911 looks, the very nice stainless steel finish and the rather unusual 10mm ammo it was chambered to shoot. If your not familiar with the 10mm round it was developed by the FBI for sue by their field agents but was later determined to be a bit too much to handle for some of their smaller but later agents. The 10mm was then detuned and turned into the S&W 40 caliber which is essentially a shorter less powerful version of the 10mm.

Here are a bunch more photos that really show off the beauty of this pistol!

Definitely make sure to watch this video as I go through the gun and show you around, I also do a field strip and talk a bit more about the Miami Shootout that was the FBI's reason to look into the development of the 10mm Auto round.

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