Makarov Comparison - KWC 6mm Plastic Airsoft Versus Umarex 4.5mm Steel BB


This is a kind of two-for-one'r, not only are you getting pretty much a full table top review of the KWC Makarov Airsoft BB Pistol, but you also get a comparison and revisit to the Umarex 4.5mm Steel BB shooting Makarov.

Type: Airsoft - BB Pistols.
Manufacturer: KWC - Umarex.
Model: Makarov PM.
Materials: Almost all metal.
Weight: 1 pound 12.5 ounces (808 grams) - 1 pound 9.5 ounces (724 grams).
Barrel: Metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x 1.
Action: Semi auto non-blowback: Double action only - Single & double action.
Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's - 4.5mm steel BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 13 round full size metal magazine -18 round metal stick magazine.
FPS: 428 - 380.

Trigger Pull: There is a lot of difference between the trigger on both of these guns, first off the Umarex Makarov has both a single and double action trigger/hammer while the KWC Makarov has a double action only trigger/hammer. Comparing the double action of both guns the definite advantage goes to the 4.5mm Steel BB shooting Umarex Makarov as it is shorter and lighter, the KWC Airsoft Makarov does not have a bad trigger but it is much longer and a bit heavier, but still very usable. The single action trigger on the Umarex Makarov is not really any lighter than when shooting in double action, it is however much shorter with a medium take-up and predictable release.

Accuracy: Both Airsoft and BB Makarov's performed very well in their shooting tests for me, they bot shot fairly well centered with the KWC Makarov getting all five shots in the black bullseye and the Umarex Makarov having a tighter group but just off to one side. This was good news since both guns do not have adjustable sights! They also scored very well in the velocity department shooting over their advertised claimed feet per second rating. The Umarex BB version shot a very respectable 390 fps while the KWC Airsoft pistol shot a very surprising 480 fps well over the claimed factory 430 fps. Both guns also shot very accurately out to ranges of 50 feet or so. From a single CO2 I was able to get 162 shots from the Umarex Makarov and 112 shots from the KWC Makarov before I noticed a significant power drop.

Build Quality: Neither one these Makarov replicas is going to win a prize for build quality, some shortcuts have been made to keep the price down on each model, but they are both built with mostly metal parts and they both performed perfectly for me during my testing. The Umarex 4.5mm Steel BB Makarov did have more moving parts while the KWC did weigh in a bit heavier, both guns had reasonable fit and finish to them.

Realism: In terms of being good Makarov replicas the pair for sure look the part, size and overall weight are very true to the original real Steel Makarov PM with the Umarex Makarov having a working slide, Makarov licensing and the ability to be field stripped. The KWC Makarov had a nicer recessed barrel and full size drop out metal magazine. I was not a big fan of the KWC screws on the right side slide or the Umarex exposed CO2 tab.
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  • Umarex has the working slide.
  • KWC has full size drop out magazine.
  • Umarex has double and single action trigger.
  • KWC has the recessed barrel.
  • Umarex gets more shots per CO2.
  • KWC has the higher FPS.
  • Umarex can be field stripped.
  • KWC has a bit more weight to it.
  • Umarex is licensed
  • KWC does not have ugly warning instructions.
  • Both guns are mostly metal construction.
  • Both guns had very good accuracy.
  • Both guns have realistic working safeties


  • Umarex has the obvious CO2 tab.
  • KWC has the ugly screws on the right side.
  • Umarex may be a bit shiny for some.
  • KWC may shoot a bit too hot for CQB Airsoft games.
  • Both guns do not have adjustable sights.

To be honest when I got the KWC Airsoft BB shooting Makarov, I was not all that awe struck, the lack of a working slide, DOA trigger and screw holes in the slide put me off just a bit. This Airsoft pistol did warm up to me a lot once I shot it, I was surprised by the very high fps and how accurate it was for such a low cost Airsoft pistol. I can really see this gun being used as a backup or sidearm in an out doors style Airsoft game where you may need to shoot targets out at range where other lower powered pistols just would not be able to get out to. The Umarex Makarov has always had a place in my heart, it is just a really good little CO2 BB pistol for the price with mostly all metal parts, a working slide, single and double action trigger and very good overall performance. In my books you can not go wrong choosing either of these Makarov replicas so choose wisely!

My YouTube Video Table Top Comparison Review for these Makarov Air Replicas:

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