Shooting Henry 22LR - Savage 7mm Magnum - Norinco 12 Gauge with my Dad

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Earlier this week my father called me up and asked if I wanted to head out with him to go do some hunting/shooting. He has his bear tag but for the most part, hunting with my Dad consists of driving around in his truck hoping to stumble on something since he can not walk all that far these days.

We had a great time just enjoying each others conversation and of course the beauty of Canada BC's Harrison Lake area. We also got to shoot some guns to "make sure they where sighted in and working correctly". I brought my Norinco 12 Gauge Homeland Security 780 which I needed to test out and I'm glad I did since it needs some TLC to get working smoothly. I also brought along my little Henry Lever Action 22LR which is always a blast to shoot. My Dad brought his Savage Arms 7mm Magnum just in case we did see a bear on this outing.

Long story short we didn't bring any meat back home with us but we did see some out of season doe and of course had some nice father-son time together...

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