What Cameras do I Use and What I Use Them For?


Sorry, not really a gun related video, but without my Cameras there would be no YouTube Videos and photos of all these awesome guns!

I do get lots of questions about the cameras I use and what capacity I use them in so here is a quick breakdown of the cameras I am currently using and have used in the past with what role each camera plays in the production of my videos and photos.


  • Nikon 1 - Main overhead video camera and used for all current still photos, also used for most static video shots of targets. Recently have been using it to record my 5 second burst slow-mo video at 400 frames per second. I have the 10mm and 10-100mm lenses for it. (1080p @ 30fps, slow-mo 640x240 @ 400fps, Photos shot in RAW)
  • Casio TRYX - Main self video camera for when I am taking video of myself and need to be able to see if I am in frame. Also used as a secondary slow-motion camera. (1080p @ 30fps, slow-mo 432x320 @ 240fps)
  • Casio EX-FC100 - Used primarily for long shot slow-mo video and as a secondary 1080p video camera. (1080p @ 30fps, slow-mo 480x360 @ 210fps)
  • FUJI XP50 - Used mainly for when the conditions are not good, bad weather or may be used in a rough situation, underwater shots. (1080p @ 30fps, slow-mo 640x480 @ 80 fps)
  • Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15 Wi-Fi - Used for video situations where ultra wide angle is required and also when mounting on guns or moving objects. (1080p @ 30fps, 720p @ 120 fps, 170-degree view angle, Wi-Fi, water proof)
  • Drift HD170 - Secondary action camera, was used more before I got the Sony HDR-AS15. (1080p @ 30fps, water resistant, built in video display)
  • Liquid Image Impact Series (LIC) Goggle Camera - Used for "Point of Video" video shots mainly when reviewing products, capture video while protecting my eyes, mainly use in 720p 60fps mode. (1080p @ 30fps, 720p @ 60 fps)
  • Amundsom Opticam EVHD 720p Glasses Camera - This is a new item, will have to see how they play a roll in what I do and if they will replace the LIC goggle camera? Very unobtrusive and can be worn discreetly. (720p @ 30fps)
  • Canon T2i - This camera was replaced by my Nikon 1, for the main reason that the Nikon 1 is a better video camera option for me with its true auto focus and ability to still take RAW still photos when I need to. Many of my earlier videos and photos where taken with the Canon T2i. Camera was sold.  

Make sure to watch my YouTube video where you can see some video examples from some of the cameras:

YouTube Video