Multi Camera Test Tactical Shooting with WE SCAR Airsoft GBB


For the most part, this video is to test out some cameras and using them all together in a multi-camera scenario. I wanted to see how many camera angles I could shoot at one time and see how they would all work together when editing the video.

Cameras used:

  • My new Pivothead Recon Camera Glasses.
  • Sony HDR-AS15 Action Cam.
  • Drift HD170 Point of View Camera.
  • Nikon 1 with 10mm fixed lens.
  • Casio TRYX.
  • *All cameras where shooting in 1080p for this video.

I hope to use camera setups like this in the future, maybe not all at once but at least a couple at a time to give you some viewing options.

I picked out my WE SCAR GBB Airsoft Rifle for this test as it had a lot of mounting points and the Gas Blow Back makes for some great video action. Unfortunately My WE SCAR was not working at 100% but I still think I was able to pull off this test video either way.

Watch my Multi-Camera-Angle Test Video shooting the WE SCAR GBB AIrsoft Rifle:

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