Personal Pre-owned Airguns for Sale



This is a first for me but I guess you could say I have to make room for some more guns ;) I have some duplicate guns and a couple I juts don't have a need for anymore so instead of having them sit around collecting dust, I thought I would offer them up for sale and get them in the hands of someone who can really appreciate and get some use out of them...

Here is a list of the items up for sale: 

  • Baikal IZH-61 .177 Caliber Spring Piston Pellet Rifle: $115
  • Baikal MP-655K Pellet/BB CO2 Pistol (missing pellet magazine): $125
  • Umarex CP99 Compact CO2 BB Blowback Pistol: $50
  • Swiss Arms Sig Sauer GSR 1911 CO2 BB Pistol: $30
  • ASG CZ 75 P-07 DUTY Dual Tone CO2 BB Blowback Pistol: $125
  • Umarex Beretta M92FS .177 Caliber CO2 Pellet Pistol - Nickel with Wood Grips: $200
  • (2x) AK47 BB Gun Magazines: $50 Each
  • Crosman 2240 .22 Caliber CO2 Pellet Pistol (14 inch barrel, RJMachine Breach/Brass Bolt, Wood Grip, NcSTAR 6x32 Scope): $225

Shipping/Handling is $15 Canadian and $25 to the US and you must be 18 or over to buy. You will need to email me at to let me know what gun/guns you want to buy - first come first serve, I will send a PayPal request to the person with the first offer to buy and give them 24 hours to pay or I move on to the next buyer.

You can watch my YouTube Video to get a good look at each pre-owned item up for sale:

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