KSC M11A1 GBB Airsoft Machine Pistol Table Top Review

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Type: GBB Airsoft Machine Pistol (Used).

Manufacturer: KSC

Model: Cobra M11A1

Materials: Plastic and metal.

Weight: 2.9 pounds (1315 grams).

Barrel: Metal non-rifled.

Propulsion: GBB.

Action: Single action only.

Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's.

Ammunition Capacity: 40 rounds.

FPS: 300+ fps.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the KSC M11A1 GBB Airsoft Machine Pistol is pretty much exactly what you would expect from this fast firing single action only semi and full auto machine pistol, it has a really short take-up and then a nice crisp light trigger pull. Since it is an open bolt system, you will need to pull back the bolt for the first shot, releasing the trigger releases the bolt, just like with a real M11A1.

Accuracy: At this point because I received this gun from another collector in used condition, it is not working 100%, the hop-up bucking was damaged and the new ones I ordered are not the correct versions for this Airsoft gun. It does shoot but it is temperamental, sometimes the bolt will not cycle all the way and I have no idea how this is effecting the fps and accuracy. It would not be fair to test it in this condition, hopefully I can find the right hop-up bucking for it and do the Field Test Shooting Review at some point.

Build Quality: MyKSC M11A1 GBB Airsoft Machine Pistol has been used a fair bit so it is somewhat battle scarred, still it looks pretty good and other than the Hop-up bucking problem I am having it should be in working condition, unfortunately without the correct hop-up bucking, this gun will not work properly. Hopefully I can find a hop-up bucking? Even though much of this machine pistol is plastic externally, it has held up very well, the metal parts do also help to balance it off and give it a decent overall 3 pound weight which feels good considering it is such a small gun. 

Realism: The KSC M11A1 GBB Airsoft Machine Pistol is a very close copy of the real steel Cobra M11A1 Machine Pistol, all the parts appear to function just like the original Cobra RPB Industries M11A1 and it even field strips in the same manor. The full licensing and trademarks also help to make this replica very believable.

Reviewed by:ReplicaAirguns.com


  • Very realistic and accurate replica with full Cobra RPB Industries licensing.
  • Even though there is lots of external polymer, it still has good weight to it.
  • Full metal 40 round drop out magazine, holds BB's and Gas.
  • Everything works like the original, field strips and lots of mechanical parts. 
  • Shoots in both semi and full auto.


  • Hard to get here in Canada and hard to get parts here in Canada.
  • Mostly plastic main build - Limited usage of metal and steel.
  • Have no idea how it will perform because it is not functioning at 100%.


Well I've pretty much said everything I can say without actually shooting it? Even though my used KSC M11A1 GBB Airsoft Machine Pistol is not in 100% working condition, I still like having it as I like the replica aspects of owning it, how else would I get my hands on a .380 caliber full auto machine pistol here in Canada ;) And you never know, I may just luck out and find the proper hop-up bucking for it and then have the chance to do my Field Test Shooting Review for you all :)

My YouTube Table Top  Review of the KSC M11A1 GBB Airsoft Machine Pistol:

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