Gamo MP9 Blowback CO2 Pellet and BB Tactical Airgun Table Top Review

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Type: Blowback pellet air pistol.


Model: MP9 Blowback pistol.

Materials: Polymer & metal construction.

Weight: 3 pounds.

Barrel: 6.5 inches, rifled.

Propulsion: 12 gram CO2 x 1.

Action: Semi auto, single and double action.

Ammunition Type: .177 caliber lead pellets.

Ammunition Capacity: 16 shot drop out double sided magazine.

FPS: 450 (with Gamo's PBA® Platinum Pellets.)

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull for the Gamo MP9 Blowback CO2 Pellet and BB Tactical Airgun is stated to be a single and double action trigger which is kind of true and false at the same time. Yes you can pull the charging handle back which does pull the internal hammer back for a single action hammer release but you can not shoot this pistol in double action only unless the charging hammer has been pulled back technically making the Gamo MP9 a single action only pistol? On the other hand, even with the hammer back, the trigger has to rotate the pellet magazine with each shot making it a double action only trigger? So what is it really, kind of both and kind of neither? Well who really cares about all that... In the end the trigger even though stated to be around 9.5 pounds of pull feels much lighter than that 9.5 pounds and has a pretty short action so shooting this gun rapid-fire is pretty easy and not too tiring on the finger. Another bonus is that the trigger safety also works, it's not just for show!

Accuracy: I will be following this table top review with a full field test shooting review shortly but I did have the chance to take my Gamo MP9 Blowback CO2 Pellet and BB Tactical Airgun out for a test drive so I would be able to give you some of my initial shooting feedback. I started off with a full CO2 using RWS 7 grain flathead lead pellets and placed a full 8 shots through my Chronograph, the first 4 shot a bit over 400 fps with the fastest shot being right around 430 fps, the last 4 shot a bit under 400 fps with the slowest shot hitting around 370 fps. Since it is December the weather outside was a bit frosty ;) so I would expect to get most shots in or above 400 fps in warmer weather. Moving on to some target results, my main goal was to sight my red dot in so I shot 4 shot grouping till I got my NcSTAR red dot centered and each 4 shot group seemed to produce consistent 1 inch groups for me from 30 feet away using a semi rested position. Not bad at all. Stay posted for my official Field Test Shooting video!

Build Quality: TheGamo PM9 Pellet/BB Pistol seems to be made fairly well, fit and finish is very good, the overall weight is good and like the real B&T MP9 has both a metal and polymer construction. The obvious metal parts are the trigger, rear stock swivel, CO2 magazine, internal barrel and I am sure lots of other internal parts. This Gamo pellet shooter is made for Gamo in Japan and is licensed by ASG.

Realism: The Gamo MP9 Blowback CO2 Pellet and BB Tactical Airgun looks pretty much exactly like a real B&T MP9, the size is right and the weight is close. All the parts are where they should be but not all of them work as many are moulded into the plastic shell. The working parts are the charging handle, fold out stock, standard safety, trigger safety and adjustment for the rear sight. There are magazine releases for both the pellet magazine and CO2 magazine but they are not in the traditional locations. It would have been nice if the ejection port cycled when being fired but it is also moulded into the polymer shell.

Reviewed by:Replica Airguns


  • Very well made and has good weight and feel to it.
  • Blowback action gives a bit of recoil feel.
  • Rear sight is adjustable for windage, can also easily add a red dot.
  • Pre-test shooting results seems to be positive.
  • CO2 and magazine are both well covered to complete the realism of this replica.
  • Decent looking replica, fully Licensed B&T MP9.
  • Trigger feels pretty decent even though it is claimed to be 9.5 pounds of pull.
  • Lots of rail accessory mounting locations.
  • Working charging handle.
  • Fold out stock.


  • Fold out stock is a bit flexible, would have been better in more solid plastic or even metal.
  • Pellet magazine release is a bit awkward.
  • No slide catch release or any way to know you are out of pellets other than counting or listening to the sound change.
  • Looks to have pretty low shots per CO2 like the other Gamo blowback pellet shooters.


Overall, I really like the Gamo MP9 Blowback CO2 Pellet and BB Tactical Airgun, unlike the PT-85 and P-25, the Gamo MP9 is an actual replica and a fully licensed one. Not only that, the Gamo MP9 pellet pistol is a very good replica in terms of looks and function. I was able to get decent power and very good accuracy when I performed my pre-test. It's really great to see Gamo come out with a pellet gun replica this time around and what better gun to base it on other than the B&T MP9!

My YouTube Table Top & Shooting Review for the Gamo MP9 Blowback CO2 Pellet & BB Tactical Airgun:

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