Pedersoli Derringer Guardian #11 4.5mm .177 Pellet Pistol Field Test Shooting Review

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It's a bird, it's a plan, no wait... It's a pellet gun, no it's a cap gun, or is it a blank gun or maybe it's a real gun? Well it shoots lead bullets out of the barrel using gun powder so who really know's what we should call it? At least here in Canada you don't need a license to buy or own the Pedersoli Derringer Guardian #11 4.5mm .177 Pellet Pistol so that's a good thing :)

If you have not already watched my Table Top Review for the Pedersoli Derringer Guardian #11 4.5mm .177 Pellet Pistol, make sure to do so to find out a bit more info on it since I don't go over too much in this Field Test Shooting Review.

So on with the Field Test Shooting Review results... Right off the top, I have no Chronograph test result, try as I did I could not get my Chronograph to read the pellet speed in the rather low light situation I had today, even with a bunch of added extra lights :( I would say off hand that it was shooting somewhere in the 350-450 fps range and when I do get a brighter day I will pop outside and shoot a couple rounds off and post the updated info here for you all, so check back in a bit if this interests you.

What I can tell you for sure is how this gun shot in terms of accuracy. I was expecting to spray pellets all over the target because there is no back sight on the Pedersoli Derringer Guardian #11 4.5mm .177 Pellet Pistol, there is just a post sight up front.  I was not even sure if I was going to get all the pellets on the paper. I even setup my target at the 20 foot mark just to be safe and as per usual I was using a semi-rested position by placing a sand bag to rest my hands on and then sitting on my knees in the back, pretty stable all around.

I started off the target test by aiming dead center but quickly found that I was shooting about 6 inches high, so my next 5 shots I aimed 6 inches below the bullseye and low and behold 4 out of 5 of the shots landed within 1.5 inches of each other. So I guess having a rear sight is over rated! If you can figure this gun out, the rifled barrel will direct each pellet straight and true so I think it really comes down to knowing how to line up the front sight with an imaginary rear sight and don't try to shoot really small targets far away. Once you get used to where to point the Pedersoli Derringer Guardian #11 4.5mm .177 Pellet Pistol, you should easily be able to hit a pop can out to 20-30 feet with no problems.

Of course you have to reload this pistol before each shot which consists of cocking the hammer, placing a pellet in the front of the barrel and pushing it to the back with the loading ram rod and then positioning a #11 percussion cap on the primer nipple. Not a rapid fire gun at all but you do appreciate each shot considering the work involved. I also found pre-rolling the back side off my pellets helped to reduce the rear diameter so that the pellets loaded into the barrel much easier. You may have to blow out some residue between each shot which is not something I would recommend with most guns but it's very clear that this pistol is safe since in order to see the barrel obstruction there would be no percussion cap loaded onto the gun.

The Pedersoli Derringer Guardian #11 4.5mm .177 Pellet Pistol is a very unique pellet pistol and actually kind of fun to shoot since it involves a bit of work for each shot and of course some hands on time to figure out exactly how and where to point it to get accurate target results.

Make sure to watch my second Chronograph Test where I was able to get some readings for you!

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