Couple of Price Drops in Our US Store - Tanfoglio 1911 & Beretta P92

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What can I say, most places are jack'n up their prices and we seem to keep lowering them!

Now I know some of you are going to say, "why are these guns so much lower cost in the US than in Canada?" You can blame that one on the money grabbers along the way when we have to ship and import many products from the US to Canada. In fact our supplier is exactly the same for all the Cybergun products in both Canada and the US, it just costs a lot more for us to land them here in Canada , and you guessed it, we pass that extra cost right back to you our beloved Canadian customers :)

So back to the good news for our US customers...

If you have not already picked up one of these amazing Replica CO2 Blowback BB pistols then make sure to do so now that they are at an all time low price point:

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