Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway Update 2013

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The deadline for uploading your Halloween Costume Contest Videos has concluded (end of day October 31st), so now it's time to figure out who has the best costume with incorporated weapon. To make things fair, I'm delaying the announcement of the winner till Friday in order to let the late entries catch up a bit and also so I can remind everyone to checkout the Halloween Costume Contest Playlist I setup that has 8 videos added (not including my Wolverine Costume).

What I would like everyone to do is please watch each video and then pick your top three Halloween Costumes and give them a thumbs up, the video with the most thumbs up will be the winner, thumbs down will not be taken into consideration.

Good luck to everyone who took part in this Halloween Costume Contest, to show my appreciation I am going to do a bit of a shout out to each of the YouTube Channel Entries:


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