Umarex XBG and TDP 45 CO2 BB Pistol Field Test Shooting Review

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This is my Official Field Test Shooting Review for both the Umarex XBG and Umarex TDP 45 CO2 BB Pistols, make sure to also check out my Umarex XBG and TDP 45 Table Top Review for more information on features, specifications and photos.

As usual with my Field Test Shooting Reviews I test out both Umarex pistols using my Chronograph and put five rounds through it with each CO2 BB Pistol to get a real world average fps. Umarex claims around 410 and I got pretty close with both pistols using a brand new Umarex CO2 cartridge in each gun. The temperature was not overly warm as we are now into fall here in Canada BC but so there may be room for a bit higher fps out of each Umarex CO2 BB pistol.

I decided to shoot both 4.5mm Pistols at the 20 foot target potion of this review since I had not done any pre tests. While shooting from a semi rested position at 20 feet back I was able to get pretty much a 2 inch 10 shot group with each gun, the XBG seemed to group a bit tighter for me than the TDP 45 and both BB Pistols shot pretty well centered on target. The trigger pull is very typical for this style of double action only trigger, kind of long with a slight sticky click in the middle while the BB chambers and then some more trigger pull with a fairly predictable release right near the back.

Both Umarex BB Pistols should get right around 6-7 consistent magazines worth of shots before having to change the CO2, that is 120+ shots! And even on the last magazine the fps seemed to stay nice and high.

Both Umarex CO2 BB pistols performed pretty well considering the super low cost and make great inexpensive plinkers that will get you decent power, more than adequate accuracy and lots of shots out of a single CO2.

My YouTube Field Test Video Review for these Umarex CO2 BB Pistols:

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