KJWORKS KP-05 KP-09 M9 GBB Airsoft Pistol Preview


I've already done a KJWORKS review on the KP-02, KP-07 and Elite 1A and they turned out to be very high quality Airsoft pistols so the extra price does get you a higher quality gun. So in this preview we are simply looking at some more models that from the looks of things I expect to be more of the same in terms of high quality and excellent functionality.

The KJWorks models we are looking at today are the KP-05 (1911 HI-CAPA), the KP-09 (CZ 75) and the M9 (Beretta M9). Even though none of them are licensed, they are very detailed and realistic copies of the original real steel versions with full blowback operation, heavy metal drop out magazines and lots of metal throughout. You would be hard pressed to tell them apart from the real powder versions.

All version in this preview load CO2 in the magazine along with 6mm Plastic Airsoft BB's, none of them have any orange markings or translucent parts as they fall into the uncontrolled firearms category here in Canada.

I look forward to doing my full review of these three very nice KJWorks Airsoft pistols.

kjworks ASG X9 8 CO2.jpg
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