RAP4 RAM Walther P99 .43 Caliber Blowback Paintball Pistol Review


Type: Paintball Pistol.


Model:RAP4 RAM P99

Materials: Metal & Polymer.

Weight: 2 pounds.

Barrel: 4 inches, metal non-rifled.

Propulsion: 12 gram CO2.

Action: Semi auto, single & double action with blowback.

Ammunition Type: .43 caliber paintball or rubber bullet.

Ammunition Capacity: 9 round magazine.

FPS: 250-300fps.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Real Action Paintball RAP4 X50 is rather nice in single action, being a true blowback gun, the cycling of the slide not only chambers a round but also pre-cocks the hammer allowing for a very smooth and light single action trigger pull. There is also a working de-cocker that allows you to release the internal hammer. Double action is noticeably heavier but would only really be used on the first shot if you had already used the de-cocker.

Accuracy: After my previous review of the RAM X50 I was expecting this gun to perform pretty much the same. I did find it to be a bit more accurate within the 20-25 foot range using the rubber balls but when I got out into the field and switched over to the Paintballs I found that they where really hooking and darting all over the place? Mind you, this gun was right out of the box and not broken in yet. I also got a bit lower fps (right around 250) out of the RAP4 RAM Walther P99 compared to my RAM X50 but again my review unit had not been adjusted in any way and I imagine I could turn it up a bit to get more fps out of it if I wante to. The plus side is I was able to get an astounding 8 magazines worth of shots out of one CO2.

Build Quality: The RAP4 RAM Walther P99 styled Paintball Pistol is built very well, it does have a polymer frame but the gun overall has lots of metal parts and a very good overall 2 pounds weight to it dry. The blowback action is very snappy and all the mechanics and fit and finish all look and function very nicely. The slide spring is nice and firm giving this paintball gun a snappy recoil and the feel closer to a real gun than that of an airgun.

Realism: The RAP4 RAM Walther P99 was primarily made to simulate real word shooting environments for Police and Military users and even includes Walther branding and licensing, it is a very believable looking and functioning copy of the real steel semi auto pistol it replicates. Other than the exception of the CO2 Cylinder hanging a bit far out of the bottom of the handle. The RAM P99 would be hard to tell from the actual Walther P99, especially when looking down the large .43 caliber barrel. The Blowback action and firm recoil help pull off the believability when shooting this ralistic Paintball Pistol.

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  • Good weight and solid feeling gun.
  • Full metal slide with nice heavy blowback recoil.
  • All metal heavy 9 round magazines.
  • Very Accurate Walther P99 replica including licensing and trademarks.
  • Everything works pretty much like the real gun so a great training tool.
  • Good accuracy up close and lots of shots per CO2 for such a large round.
  • Nice light single action trigger and working de-cocker.
  • Fairly affordable.


  • CO2 cylinder sticks out from the handle and looks a bit odd.
  • Paintball accuracy out at range was unpredictable.
  • Does not field Strip conventionally.


This was my second time testing a RAP4 RAM product and again I took the chance to use it as it was intended to be used - in the field going through simulated tactical situations. My targets where barrels this time but they could have been other people with similar paintball guns shooting back at me which would have put even more pressure on me and forced me to really see where my mistakes are being made. That's the whole point of this type of training airgun, make it as real as it can be without your actual life being in danger so that when you are in danger you will not have to think about what you are doing but simply react based on your previous training. I think anyone who is a gun owner wanting to improve their reactive shooting skills should invest in one of these Paintball guns. One day you may thank yourself but let's hope it does not come to that!

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