RAP4 RAM X50 (Sig P226) .43 Caliber Blowback Paintball Pistol Table Top Review


Type: Paintball Pistol.


Model:RAP4 RAM X50

Materials: Metal & Polymer.

Weight: 2.2 pounds.

Barrel: 4.63 inches, metal non-rifled.

Propulsion: 12 gram CO2.

Action: Semi auto, single & double action with blowback.

Ammunition Type: .43 caliber paintball or rubber bullet.

Ammunition Capacity: 9 round magazine.

FPS: 250-300fps.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Real Action Paintball RAP4 X50 is rather nice, being a true blowback action gun, the cycling of the slide not only chambers a round but also pre-cocks the hammer allowing for a very smooth and light trigger pull in single action mode. There is also a de-cocker that allows you to release the hammer without activating the firing pin and placing the hammer in a half cock position rested about 2mm off the firing pin.

Accuracy: I did not expect amazing result with The RAM X50 Paintball Pistol in my preliminary testing as it does use rather light weight and fairly small caliber Paintballs that will be susceptible to wind gusts and the seems on them will make them a bit more turbulent than a standard Pellet, BB or Airsoft round. Even so I was able to hit pretty much any moderate sized target I shot at and I would assume in a battle situation I could place most shots on a human sized target fairly well as along as I was not too panic stricken ;)

Build Quality: The RAP4 RAM X50 Sig Sauer P226 styled Pistol is built very well, it does have a polymer frame but the gun overall has lots of metal parts and a very good overall 2.2 pounds weight to it dry. The blowback action is very snappy and all the mechanics and fit and finish all look and function very nicely. The only function that was not working on my "used" gun was the slide catching on the last round. I have not looked into it too much to see what may be the problem but I can see some wear on the catch area of the slide that may be causing it. I have no idea how the previous owners may have cared for this Paintball gun but overall it is in good condition.

Realism: The RAP4 RAM X50 was primarily made to simulate real word shooting environments for Police and Military users and even though it is not branded and licensed as such, it is a bang on copy of a Sig Sauer P226 Semi Auto Pistol. Other than the exception of the CO2 Cylinder hanging a bit far out of the bottom of the handle, The RAM X50 would be hard to tell from the Real Steel Sig Sauer P226, especially when looking down the large .43 caliber barrel. The Blowback action and firm recoil help pull off the believability when shooting this Paintball Pistol.

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  • Good weight and solid feeling gun.
  • Full metal slide with nice heavy blowback recoil.
  • All metal heavy 9 round magazines.
  • Very Accurate Sig Sauer P226 replica.
  • Everything works pretty much like the real gun so a great training tool.
  • Fairly affordable in the US adn Canada.
  • Seemed to have Decent accuracy, decent amount of shots, about 3-4 good magazines
  • Nice light single action trigger.


  • CO2 cylinder sticks out from the handle and looks a bit odd.
  • My slide does not lock back after the last shot, may be a potential wear problem?
  • Does not field Strip conventionally.


I have had my eye on this paintball pistol for some time now, the first time I saw it, it was behind the counter in a Paintball store and generally in Canada they sell in retail shops for about $450+ so I have kind of been holding off to see if it woudl come my way a bit more affordably. The time came when I was able to leverage another sought after item I had and I was able to add this gun to my collection. I found that it shoots much like many of my other blowback airguns but perhaps with a bit more force than most. Shooting at targets 20-40 feet away was easy and the Paintball's had no problems breaking on contact with most medium to hard objects. I normally would not have a need for Paintball pistol but heck, why not if it looks this good and next time I go out to a paintball battle, I will have a surprise waiting for when I run out of rifle ammo or need to work in some close combat situations...

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