King Arms Colt M4A1 Metal AEG Airsoft Rifle Field Test Review


Type: Airsoft.

Manufacturer:King Arms.

Model:Colt M4A1 Metal AEG.

Materials: Metal & Nylon.

Weight: 6 pounds.

Barrel: 15 inches, metal.

Propulsion: AEG

Action: Semi/full auto, single action.

Ammunition Type: 6mm Plastic BB (recommended .20 gram plus).

Ammunition Capacity: 300+ round magazine.

FPS: 450.

If you haven't already checked out my King Arms Colt M4A1 Table Top Review, make sure to do so for all the details and specifications on the King Arms Colt M4A1 Airsoft AEG Carbine.

This Field Test Review focusses primarily on how the AEG  M4A1 performs in feet per second velocity using .25 gram plastic Airsoft BB's, its accuracy in both semi and full auto and of course my comments on it's shoot-ability and overall performance.

For this field test review of my King Arms M4A1 Airsoft rifle I switched from the .20 gram Airsoft BB's to heavier .25 gram plastic BB's. I did this to have a comparison between the two weights since I had already Chronographed and accuracy tested the .20 gram BB's. As expected the fps dropped a bit, down to around 380 fps but still stayed very consistent for me as would be expected with an AEG styled rifle.

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Another reason I wanted to test out the heavier .25 gram Airsoft BB's is because generally speaking, heavier BB's will shoot a bit more accurately as they are not as effected by the higher fps this guns is capable of shooing. The .20 gram BB's actually did well so I had high expectation for the .25 gram BB's and I was not disappointed! For this test I shot the King Arms Colt M4A1 from 30 feet out in a semi rested position (rested on a sand bag in the front and standing in the back). I shot 10 rounds in semi auto and got a very respectable 1.5 inch group which rivals any airgun in my collection! I also shot in full auto (I can't really tell you how many rounds ;) and the King Arms Colt M4A1 punched a nice 2 inch hole in the target. I would almost say it even beat out my other full auto 4.5mm steel BB shooting guns in terms of how tight of a group it can shoot while in full auto mode.

I am sure the Airsoft Hop-up system has something to do with the accuracy as the back-rotating BB's should keep a truer trajectory. One thing I notice while shooting this AEG styled Airsoft rifle, is that there is a slight delay from the time you pull the trigger till the shot is released. The trigger is actually activating a motor which in turn pulls the internal spring back, which then releases it once it hits the end of it's cycle. It's not a long delay but it is noticeable. In full auto it really does not matter at all :)

All in all I am again impressed with what an Airsoft gun can do in terms of both looks and performance.

My YouTube Field Test Review for the King Arms Colt M4A1 6mm AEG Airsoft Carbine:

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