Zoraki M917 9mm P.A.K. Blank Gun Review


Photo of Zoarki 917 Removed by Request from Glock "Renzulli Law Firm"

All references, photos and video claiming that any item in this Review/Video looks like a Glock or is a Replica of a Glock in any way shape or form have been removed from this post as requested by Glock"Renzulli Law Firm"

Type: Blank Gun.

Manufacturer: Zoraki - ATAK Arms

Model: Zoraki M917

Materials: Metal slide, Polymer frame.

Weight: 1.91 pounds.

Barrel: Semi plugged - front firing.

Propulsion: Gun powder.

Action: Single action.

Ammunition Type: 9mm P.A.K.

Ammunition Capacity: 17 rounds.


Photo of Zoarki 917 Removed by Request from Glock "Renzulli Law Firm"

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull has a medium pull and also has the built in trigger safety found on the real NAME REMOVED. There is also a grip safety that is used in combination with the trigger safety giving the Zoraki M917 a double safety system.

Accuracy: NA.

Build Quality: The overall build quality of this gun is excellent. The design and materials all seem to be of good quality as is true with all of the Zoraki blank guns. Out of all the blank guns I have reviewed the Zoraki gun materials and workmanship are closest to what you would find on real steel guns.

 Photo of Zoarki 917 Removed by Request from Glock "Renzulli Law Firm"

Realism: This gun is not "supposed" to be a replica of any gun in production but it does look amazingly similar to a NAME REMOVED semi auto pistol. The Zoraki M917 is different in that it has the double safety system with the extra grip safety on the back of the grips. The take down switch is also more like what you would find on a Walther series pistols but it makes for very easy field stripping!

Supplied on loan for review.

Photo of Zoarki 917 Removed by Request from Glock "Renzulli Law Firm"


  • Excellent construction, built pretty much just like a real NAME REMOVED.
  • Front firing and flawless performance.
  • Interesting double safety system.
  • Super easy to field strip.
  • High capacity magazine.
  • Come with a very nice hard shell case and accessory package.


  • Not available in Canada at this time:(
  • NAME REMOVED users may not like the double safety system.


The Zoraki MOD 917 is another very fine blank gun from Zoraki (ATAK Arms) which is exactly what I expected it to be! It is a real shame we can not import blank guns in Canada at this time and also the recent prohibition of several of the Zoraki blank gun models like the R1, M914 and M925. Make sure to watch my YouTube video on the Zoraki M917 for more information on what is happening in Canada with blank related importation. If you're are lucky enough to live in an area like the US or other parts of the world where your government does not treat you like a small child, then you can have one of these beautiful blank shooters!

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