Kimar Model 85 8mm P.A.K. Front Firing Blank Pistols for Sale

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As most of you Canadian blank enthusiasts are aware, blank guns are next to impossible to find in Canada right now, let alone a brand new blank gun! I have acquired "at substantial cost" 8 brand new Kimar Model 85 8mm P.A.K. Front Firing Blank Pistols that I will sell to the first 8 buyers, I will not be getting any more of these as this was purchased from a suppliers back-stock inventory.

As is with all rare items - they will not be sold cheap, this version also only comes with the orange painted slide which by the way is fairly easy to paint black or strip to a nickel finish. I stripped mine and I didn't even have any paint remover around - I simply used some paint thinner and my dremel for the stubborn areas, followed up with some Autosol metal polish to brighten it up.

The Kimar Mod. 85 Blank Pistol closely resembles the Beretta Cheetah hand gun in looks, and functionality. The Kimar Mod. 85 comes with an 8 round single stack magazine and has an orange painted slide. This model is perfect if you like the look of the Beretta 92 FS but want something just a bit smaller. The Kimar Model 85 comes with a flare adaptor and cleaning rod.
  • 8mm P.A.K blanks
  • 8 round magazine
  • Solid 2 pounds
  • Semi auto
  • Single & double action
  • Front firing!
  • Come with flare adaptor & Cleaning rod

Kimar Mod. 85 Front firing 8mm P.A.K. Blank Pistol (Orange slide)


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