Which Airgun is the Best?


One question I get asked all the time is to give my feedback on guns and in most cases I am asked to compare two or three guns with each other and come up with a definitive answer as to which on is the best or "which one should I buy?"

In this YouTube Video I talk a bit about how I feel answering these questions because in many situations the guns being compared can not always be ranked on a scale as one being better then the other. Many times each gun offers its own set of positive and negative features and it really comes down to what features are most suited to your needs. Your needs may be very different then mine

Often it can be as simple as what style or look do you prefer because the guns in question may share the same features and benefits.

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Comparison, YouTube Video Cybergun, GSG 92, Sig Sauer X-Five P226, Tanfoglio Witness 1911