ISSC M22 22LR Glock Copy Table Top Review


Type: .22 caliber pistol.
Manufacturer: ISSC.
Model: M22.
Materials: Metal & Polymer.
Weight: 1.5 pounds.
Barrel: 4.17 inches, metal rifled.
Propulsion: Gun Powder.
Action: Semi auto, single action.
Ammunition Type: .22LR caliber rimfire.
Ammunition Capacity: 10 round magazine.
FPS: 1,138 - 1255.
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ISSC M22 semi auto pistol is fairly light at about 4.4 pounds and it has a nice predictable break point. Some people claim the trigger itself is a bit edgy but I did not find this the case for myself at least when shooting off several hundred rounds at a time. No blisters for me :)

Accuracy: I put about 500 rounds through the ISSC M22 and took some time getting used to how it felt and also shot several groups on target before I did my final test group. I shot two full magazines (20 shots) and most of my shots (17 out of 20) landed within a 3 inch group from 10 yards out (30 feet). I was shooting in a standing unrested position using the open sights unadjusted and my grouping was well center but just a tad bit high. I was very happy with these results.

Build Quality: The ISSC M22 is a very well made pistol in just about every way. The materials are very good and the fit and finish is excellent. There is nothing cheap about this gun and even after over 500 shots through the M22, it still looked brand new (after a well needed cleaning of course) with barely any wear marks to speak of. I especially liked the solid aluminum magazines. I have no doubt this 22 caliber pistol will last me for a long time.

Realism: The ISSC M22 may not be a bang on copy of a Glock but it certainly looks the part with only a few exceptions like the rear hammer, safety and fixed internal barrel. I have even heard you can use real Glock accessories with this semi auto pistol! Even the kick kind of surprised me, I was using high velocity 22LR rounds and they gave me a nice crisp recoil that of course was not as hard as a 9mm but never the less it was enough for working on double taps and rapid sight acquisition.
Purchased From: Wholesale supplier.


  • Inexpensive to purchase and shoot but still has that "Glock like" look and feel.
  • Came with two 10 round magazines.
  • Very well made - no quality issues as far as I can tell.
  • Accessory rail under the barrel.
  • Very usable sights similar to a real Glock. (also fully adjustable).
  • Ambidextrous safety and de-cocker.
  • Similar trigger safety as a real Glock.
  • Very easy to take down and clean.
  • Nice compact and light weight.
  • Similar dimensions to a Glock and may work with many of the same accessories.
  • Made in Austria like the Glock.


  • Can come off of safety kind of easy.
  • Some Glock users may not like the external hammer and safety setup?
  • Some people have commented on it being a bit picky with certain ammo and the trigger being a bit edgy.

I really fell in love with the ISSC M22 22LR Glock copy. I know this gun is going to get a lot of use and to be honest I'm not even worried about it. With the low cost of 22LR ammo I will be shooting this gun more than any of my other pistols simply because it's totally fun, and gives me almost the exact same experience as my larger caliber semi auto shooters at about 1/10th the price to shoot. I'm pretty sure I will even get out to the range more often knowing that I can shoot the entire day for about $20! I found the M22 to be reliable, accurate and comfortable while shooting so as far as I'm concerned the ISSC M22 is a real winner!

My YouTube Video Review for the ISSC M22 Glock Copy .22LR Pistol:

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