WE AWSS SCAR-L - 6mm Airsoft Rifle Field Test Review


If you have not already read my Table Top review for the WE SCAR-L, then make sure to check it out for specifications and an overall review of this very nice Blowback Airsoft rifle.

This Field Test review kind of baffled me, I was surprised with almost everything about it. Initially when I got my WE SCAR, I tested it out with one of my CO2 mags and got some pretty decent results not only in FPS performance but also in the accuracy department, I got around 400+fps and a nice 2 inch group from 30 feet out in a semi-rested position.


So when I headed out to record my Field Test, I was expecting some decent results! I'm not going to say this gun let me down but it did perform radically different for me on this day then the previous day and the only real difference is that I did a complete filed strip, clean and lube of the Airsoft rifle which in my opinion should of improved things but I guess not?

The most surprising realization I had was that with CO2 (as compared to the Propane), I did notice a heavier blowback and faster rate of fire in full auto but for some reason I had less velocity by almost 100fps when compared to using my Propane magazine? And my accuracy suffered also by an amazing amount. Some rounds had trouble even getting on the paper?

I will revisit this rifle in the summer, I think I will strip it down and wipe it down and perhaps redo this test entirely! I still love this Airsoft blowback rifle for so many reasons but on this day at least it came up a bit short for me.

My YouTube Video Field Test Review for the WE AWSS SCAR-L - SCAR Type Rifle:

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