Bolt B4A1 BRSS Blowback with Recoil Airsoft Rifle - ASG B&T Mock Suppressors Update Video


I got a few sample products I wanted to quickly share with everyone :) First off Bolt Airsoft, a Taiwanese based company, sent me one of their B4A1 (M4A1 Copy) AEG Airsoft rifles featuring BRSS - (Bolt Recoil Shock System) which has Blowback with simulated recoil.

The Bolt B4A1 is designed after the M4A1 and looks and works like most AEG Airsoft rifles giving you sustained performance and the use of high capacity magazines but Bolt has added their BRSS - (Bolt Recoil Shock System) which gives you the feedback and recoil you would normally only get with a true GBB (Gas Blow Back) Airsoft gun.

I will be doing a full review very shortly so watch for it!

I also received from ASG (Action Sport Games) a few Mock Airsoft Suppressors, all of them are B&T (Brügger & Thomet) derivatives. It was nice that they sent me the version (MP9 QD) that fits perfectly on my ASG/KWA MP9. The other tow are the ROTEX-IIIA and ROTEX-IIIA Compact that fit perfectly on to a standard flash hider and even include one with them.

Check out my YouTube Preview Video of these Review items from Bolt Airsoft and ASG:

 Buy the ASG MP9 A3 in Canada  -   Buy similar Airsoft Gun in the US

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