Crosman - Kimar CK92 Chrome Pellet Pistol Arrives


I received my black Crosman - Kimar CK92 Beretta styled pellet pistol last week and I got my Chrome CK92 today, and wow does it ever look nice! I was kind of shocked by how nice this collector piece looked, my black CK92 looks nice but the chrome version is something else. I'd almost say it looks more like polished metal then a chrome plating and there is a difference. I like the more mechanical look of polished metal personally!

The Chrome CK92 also comes with a really nice hard shell case with cut-outs for the gun which is a bit nicer hard case then the one that comes with the Black CK92. So for the extra $20 it may be worth it for some of you.

The Chrome version is selling as a refurbished unit for $119 and when it's gone that's it. I'm not planning on using this gun all that often, I bought it mainly as a collectors airgun. I will be reviewing both of my Crosman - Kimar CK92's this week so stay tuned for my full video review...

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