Tacamo - AK RPK Paintball Gun Full Stock (T86) Added to the Store


I'm trying something new here by adding a few Paintball guns to the store and I do plan on reviewing one of the Tacamo Paintball guns, this will be a new experience for me for sure!

The Tacamo AK RPK Special Products Division-RPK is a real show stopper. The stock and fore-grip are real laminated wood, it comes with a real AK bi-pod, real AK rear sights, and a specially bored 20 inch barrel. The Tacamo AK RPK Special Products Division-RPK also comes with a 75 round drum magazine for that added realistic look.

This Paintball gun is made but Tacamo but does not carry the Tacamo Brand.

  • .68 caliber Paintballs
  • Adjustable 200-400 FPS
  • Semi auto
  • Hopper fed
  • Realistic Size, Weight
  • Reliable T68 Internal with All-Mechanical Performance—no batteries!
  • Accepts CO2 or HPA
  • All metal and wood construction
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