Umarex Walther SG9000 BB Shotgun Now Available for Purchase


Who would of thought you would need a BB Shot gun capable of shooting 3 BB's all at once? It's not about need, it's about want and I say bring it on!

I will be receiving mine in a few days time but I though why make you all wait fot the news and reviews? So for now you can read up on the Umarex Walther SG9000 BB Shotgun and make sure to look forward to an interesting BB SHotgun review coming from Replica Airguns!

Anyways, here's a bit of info on the Umarex SG9000 to tide you over for a while...

The Umarex Walther SG9000 is a one of kind BB shotgun. Grab attention with this tactical shotgun-style airgun that can shoot 3 BBs at a time in quick succession. Shoot this Walther BB Gun in 3-shot burst mode ( 250fps) or in single-shot mode (480fps). Trick out its multitude of tactical rails with cool flashlights, lasers and point sights. Powered by a single disposable 88g CO2 capsule this Walther SG9000 will have you shooting for extended periods of time.

  • 4.5mm Steel BB's
  • Large 88 gram CO2 Powered
  • 40 round internal spring fed magazine
  • 480fps single shot - 250fps 3 shot burst
  • 2.35 pounds
  • Metal and plastic
  • 11.5 inch barrel & 22.25 inches total length
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